The Comecero Platform

The Comecero platform is the combination of a powerful and flexible API, a set of open-source client applications, and a PCI-compliant environment for hosting commerce applications.

The platform has been designed for a variety of users and use-cases. You can use Comecero to launch your ecommerce site using our pre-built options without writing a single line of code, create a completely custom commerce application using our API, or something in between.

The Comecero platform was built using an "API first" and an "API only" methodology. Because the API wasn't wedged into an existing platform, we believe it provides a clean and clear interface. And because all of our pre-built applications are built on top of our own API, you can be assured that if our applications can do it, your custom applications can do it, too.

We are big believers in client-side applications that talk to back-end services. Because of this, the pre-built applications we provide can be downloaded, modified and used by you. This can provide a tremendous decrease in development time - start with something that's already functional and add in the pieces and customization you need.

Why Comecero

  • A clean, easy-to-understand API that provides loads of options, features and functions. The API takes care of the more complicated and difficult aspects of ecommerce and leaves you with a simple interface to build custom applications.
  • A PCI-compliant hosting environment for client-side applications. There are nearly 350 different requirements for PCI compliance; by choosing Comecero, your PCI compliance is nearly complete. With support for custom domains and SSL certificates, you get everything you want with a lot less overhead.
  • A solution that scales and performs. Built with modern tools and techniques and deployed within a distributed, high-performance environment. Consistently fast response times ensures a smooth experience for you and your customers.
  • Built with a global design in mind. The world is large but getting smaller. We've worked hard to make sure Comecero is a convenient solution regardless of the location of your business or customers.
  • Powerful analytics that quickly tell you how your business is doing and how your business is performing. Deep integration with your Google Analytics account that turns it into a financial command center, tracking transactions, traffic, and key conversion metrics for your carts, payments and subscriptions.
  • Real-time event notifications for a huge number of commerce events that allow you to keep your back-end processes up to date with commerce events. Intelligent retry logic makes sure all your events arrive, even if your systems are temporarily down.
  • Powerful subscription management including customizable retry logic to handle failed subscription payments.
  • Integration with 80+ payment gateways from providers around the world. Configure different payment gateways for different regions.
  • Handle sales tax and VAT collection for virtually any location in the world without a need for an external party or integration. Simple configurations that handle most online tax scenarios.
  • Real-time delivery for digital products such as software, file downloads, e-books, and access to premium content. Put your entire process from "add to cart" to "activate" on auto-pilot.
  • Complete customization of post-purchase notifications to customers, including sender details, content and design.
  • A fully functional test environment built into your account and API that you can access with the flip of a switch. The test environment offers all the features and capabilities of the live environment, enabling you to build and test your custom applications and easily deploy when ready.
  • A powerful set of pre-built, open source client-side applications (such as shopping carts, administrative control panel and customer management portal) that you can run your business on immediately, change and enhance. No need to start from scratch.

Comecero was created by a team that has been in the ecommerce industry for more than 15 years. During that time we've worked with dozens of commerce systems and thousands of businesses all over the world. Based on that experience, we built Comecero. We believe the solution Comecero offers will enable you to rapidly develop and maintain incredibly powerful ecommerce applications tailored to your exact specifications.


The Comecero API has been built using RESTful methodologies.

Our API resources have URLs that are clear and easy to follow and understand (and even guess) and requests and responses use standard HTTP methods and status codes. With this approach, it is quick to get started as your application framework or can already speak to the API.

Within the API resources you will find it incredibly easy to access related resources. These related resources are by default provided as a reference URL, but can easily be expanded to build custom response objects. This gives your API exactly the data it needs while dramatically increasing performance by reducing API chatter. You can even expand deeply nested resources, which means that in most cases you can get exactly what you need in a single request.

The API provides full support for CORS, which makes hosting custom applications a breeze. Just upload your client-side code to a basic web server (or even to something like an AWS S3 bucket), update your account to white-list the origin, and begin making requests. This makes it incredibly easy and fast to add functionality to both your internal and customer-facing commerce applications.

Additionally, we provide a robust, powerful and PCI-compliant app hosting environment for client-side applications. You can find out more about application hosting here.

Create an Account

All you need to do is create an account to start building and experimenting with our API. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started, so all that's required is a few details about who you are. No contracts to sign, no payment details required - just create your account and start experimenting.

While in test mode, you'll have full access to your account features with the exception of being able to process live customer payments. When you are ready to being processing live payments, just activate your account and start selling.

Get started now.